The general principles concern collecting, processing, and using customer personal data by OÜ Tartu Veekeskus when providing services for customers.

Personal data is collected:

- from the owners of magnetic cards for private persons, customer loyalty cards, magnetic cards for legal persons, gold cards, and monthly memberships for athletes.

- when you enrol in sauna yoga classes, in swimming lessons for babies, or in swimming lessons for adults.

- in the case of birthday, group, and other reservations.

The purpose of gathering personal data depends on the service used by the customer and they may vary by services.

The main purposes are, together or separately, providing the requested service for the customer, offering discounts, identifying the individual, ensuring customer safety, and forwarding important information about the service.

Gathering and processing personal data

The responsible processor of customer personal data is OÜ Tartu Veekeskus, registry code 10738741, address Turu 10, Tartu county, Tartu city, postal code 51014.

The scope of gathered personal data depends on a specific service. More detailed information about the personal data gathered can be found from the descriptions of specific services or in concluded contracts.

The personal data gathered has been voluntarily forwarded by customers to OÜ Tartu Veekeskus.

Collected personal data may be used for marketing purposes only by OÜ Tartu Veekeskus.

Customer rights

The customer has the right to obtain information on which personal data OÜ Tartu Veekeskus has gathered about them.

The customer can require that the personal data of their own and/or of their child/ward to be changed and deleted.

A customer who has been receiving the newsletter but no longer wishes to receive it can request to be removed from the list of newsletter recipients any time by writing to or by clicking on the notification link of removing the newsletter at the bottom of the newsletter.

If a customer finds that the processing of their personal data by OÜ Tartu Veekeskus is not in accordance with current laws, the customer has the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Inspectorate.

Personal data protection and retention

In addition to OÜ Tartu Veekeskus, authorised persons who provide services for OÜ Tartu Veekeskus (e.g. software development and maintenance service providers, server and website service providers, etc.) have access to customer data. Authorised persons are required to keep the data that has become known to them confidential.

If necessary, stemming from the legislation, legal and law enforcement organisations also have the right to access customer data (e.g. the Police and Border Guard Board).

OÜ Tartu Veekeskus retains data until it is necessary for providing a service, for protecting the rights of OÜ Tartu Veekeskus, and until it is required in legislation.

Video surveillance recordings are retained for a maximum of one month or until it is needed to reach the final solution of a problem.

Changing the general principles of personal data processing

OÜ Tartu Veekeskus has the right to change these general principles. Information about changes is posted on the website of the enterprise. Current general principles can always be found on the website of the enterprise.



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