SINCE 01.01.2019

AURA Centre training activities

Swimming for infants (-2 years) 5.50 €
Swimming for children (2-4 years) 5.50 € 
Water gymnastics in the morning and lunch time  5.50 €
Aqua Zumba 5.50 €
Water gymnastics for the elderly 5.50 €
Water gymnastics for pregnant women 7.50 € 
Deep-Water aerobics (185 cm) 7.50 €
Spinning 7.50 €
Water gymnastics (120 cm) 7.50 €
Mens´s water aerobics 7.50 € 
Retro water gymnastics 7.50 €
Sauna Yoga 9.00 €
Aerobics for fitness club visitors Mon-Fri 15.00-22.00 and Sat-Sun     16.00 €
Aerobics for fitness club visitors (morning, for infants, for ealdier) Mon-Fri 10.00-15.00 12.00 € 
Trainings for water park visitors Mon-Fri 15.00-22.00 and Sat-Sun 10.00 €
Trainings for water park visitors Mon - Fri 10.00-15.00 9.00 €
Water aerobics private training session 26.00 €
Water aerobics 10 x card on favorable time (valid for 2 month) 50.00 € 
Water aerobics 10 x card (valid fot 2 month) 65.00 € 
Swimming pools´ 10 x card (valid for 2 month) 50.00 €


Beginners´ swim lessons

Beginners´ swim lessons 5.00 €
Beginner´s swim lessons registration  24.00 € 
Waterpark for beginner's swim lesson 9.00 €
Health club for beginner's swim lessons 11.00 €
Swim lessons instructor fee 13.00 €
Beginners´ swim lessons for adults (18 lessons x 60 min) 105.00 €  
Swimming intruction for advanced adults (18 lessons x 60 min)                 105.00 € 
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