Water aerobics

Water aerobics has several advantages compared to regular aerobics. Water is easier on the body, it releases joints from their load, strengthens and stimulates the body and creates positive emotions. Since the resistance of water is higher than that of air, water aerobics is more efficient, training all muscle groups.
Water aerobics develops mobility of joints, improves stamina, strengthens the heart and muscles and the muscles will not hurt after training. Water aerobics is a healthy physical activity, which is suitable for many: young or old, male or female or overweight people or those who cannot swim.

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Water gymnastics for the pregnant  women
Water gymnastics during pregnancy improves mobility of joints and cardiovascular condition. A horizontal position makes the heart's functioning easier and as a result of reducing gravity, the woman feels that she is lighter. Water massages the body, thus stimulating blood circulation, breathing and metabolism. The supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus improves. The water relaxes and helps to reduce stress.






Deep-water aerobics (Depth 185 cm)
A training session carried out in a pool where a lifting belt keeps the body afloat in deep water. The head is above water, breathing is normal, the feet do not touch the bottom of the pool and water supports the body from all directions. Due to water resistance, movements are more difficult than outside water and the exercises involve almost all muscle groups. Suitable for both young and elderly people, notwithstanding physical condition or weight. Used also as medical rehabilitation.

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Water spinning means pedaling a bicycle in water that reaches your chest and it is many times more emotional and exciting than pedaling a bicycle in an ordinary gym. The water bike does not have round wheels but only four legs which keep the water bike firmly positioned on the bottom of the pool.
The bike is pedaled underwater. This gives advantages to water spinning (likewise to water aerobics and water gymnastics) in comparison to so-called dry-land sports: training in a water environment does not burden the joints, and it is smooth and convenient, without injury risks.

Water spinning makes it possible to imitate difficult uphill cycling, peaceful road riding and a ride through a variable landscape. The trainer and the rhythm of music determine the pace, according to which one experiences either "a spurt" or "a peaceful ride downwind." The pedaling is accompanied by water aerobics exercises for arms and shoulders and ensures that your arms are fit. In order to keep your feet firmly on the pedals, you have to put on water aerobics shoes and have your feet fixed by straps to the pedals. You can adjust the training load yourself by choosing between different pedaling strength settings before exercising.
The sport suits everyone - the elderly, children, women, men, beginners and advanced. For those who have always felt good in water but for whom the exercise combinations of water aerobics are not suitable or who are tired of just swimming, water spinning is excellent for a change.

Although all the muscles will experience uniform loads, water spinning has an especially good effect on muscles of the legs and buttocks. During the training period your body is also well massaged by the water, which relieves lower back stress or muscle tension.
Water spinning is excellent for building aerobic stamina, developing muscular strength, and strengthening cardiovascular organs essential for general physical training and for losing weight.
Water spinning provides ample possibilities for amateurs, well-trained athletes, physical therapy, rehabilitation or personal training.
A normal group lesson will last for 45 minutes. The Aura Centre also rents bikes for individual training or medical rehabilitation.

NB! Footwear is required (thongs, rubber shoes, beach sandals, etc.).

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